About us

Jurmo Watches produces unique timepieces for the distinct individual.


The design stems from the harsh, but beautiful area in the Finnish Archipelago. The inspiration for our watches is drawn from historical events, elements of nature and real memories.


The watches are designed, engineered and customized at our workshop in the capital of Finland. 


The logo

Our compass logo embodies a horological journey through time. With descent from the Island of Jurmo and its many historical events, traversing the sea, on to the land and in the sky. All the while exploring the rugged and diverse sceneries of Finnish nature.


Our timepieces epitomize functional and aesthetic details from history to present. The watches can now be utilized by the modern explorer, taking on any challenge and adventure in both urban and rural landscapes

the story


Our story started roughly 6 years ago, when our founder Martin decided to gift his father a customized watch. In creating the watch, he combined skills honed from working on boats and engines together with his father, with the love they both shared for the Archipelago around Jurmo.


The same things that mattered the most to him growing up had lead to this idea, and this special watch then became the inspiration for Jurmo Watches as it is known today.


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