The position of the moon has a direct impact on oceanic tides. Given that the tides follows the movement of the moon, we found it only fitting to incorporate a moon phase watch into the Jurmo watch collection.


The moon phase disc is complemented by the embellishing sunburst dial, shimmering like moonlight reflected on the surface of water. The dial can be chosen in 4 different colors, commemorating elements of nature and the different weather seasons surrounding Jurmo.

Technical Specifications




-ETA 289x -movement with customized moon phase module.

-Automatic + special 29,5 days moon phase

-21 jewels


-42 hour power reserve

-Geneva stripes on rotor

Sapphire Crystal: 


Front: Domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating

Back: Flat sapphire crystal



-4 color options, limited to 30 pieces per color

-Emerald green, Pirate Black, Ice Silver, Ocean blue

-Custom color printing available via Jurmo DNA 

-All dials are designed and printed in-house

Dial options


Spring: Ocean blue, a very dark blue dial representing the transition from the winter season to the later parts of spring when the ice melts and the blue waters once again allow access to Jurmo by watercraft.


Summer: Emerald green, a shifting green dial symbolizing the blooming nature and the different shades of green that can be found on Jurmo during the summer season.


Fall: Pirate black, a dark sunburst dial turning in to a slight hue of grey embodying the later parts of autumn when the waters and the surrounding sceneries are pitch-black.


Winter: Ice silver, an intense silver colored sunburst dial that reflects light in a similar manner like snow and ice on Jurmo during the winter season.

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