About us

Jurmo Watches produces unique timepieces for the distinct individual. The design stems from the harsh, but beautiful area in the Finnish archipelago. The inspiration for our watches is drawn from nature and real memories.

The story of Jurmo Watches


Our story started roughly 4 years ago, when our founder Martin decided to gift his father a customized watch. In creating the watch, he combined skills honed from working on boats and engines together with his father, with the love they both shared for the archipelago around Jurmo. The very things that mattered the most to him growing up had lead to this idea, and this special watch then became the inspiration for Jurmo Watches as it is known today.

From inspiration to detail


The roots of the Jurmo watch components are drawn from the coastal beauty of Finland, often appreciated through rough, elemental edges and seascapes. Symbolizing masculinity, Jurmo watches reflect Finnish geography and design details found in maritime vessels, cars, and motorcycles. Each timepiece, therefore, embodies uncompromising style distinction.


Swiss Precision Timekeeping


At the core of a watch lies a solid movement; hence Jurmo uses upscale components in all its timepieces. Each watch features a genuine ETA 289x movement, the very same movement used in high-end Swiss watchmaking.


The customized prints on the moon phase disc, complemented by stunning sunburst dial options, make each piece strikingly visual.

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